5 Main Street Walla Walla Sculptures We Dig

Downtown Walla Walla is home to a variety of public art. Some of the local favorites include the sculptures that line Main Street.


The Thinker

Tucked away by the fountain in the Baker Boyer Bank Plaza is The Thinker. The bronze frog by Ralph Tretheway, installed in 2002, gives a playful twist to the famous statue by Auguste Rodin.


Harvest Memories

In the Land Title Plaza is a newer addition to Walla Walla art scene. Harvest Memories by Jefferey Hill was installed in 2018. The sculpture features a farmer with a pitchfork in hand bringing home a sheath of wheat.


Guard Pigeon

Standing guard nearby is the Guard Pigeon. The piece was created by Wayne Chabre in 2001 to protect the pigeons that often perch on the building facades.


Thoughts Discovered

Just across the street is Thoughts Discovered by Brad Rude. Modeled after a black lab owned by an employee at the Walla Walla Foundry, the bronze dog carefully balances objects on his nose.


A Delicate Balance

Further up Main Street, Wayne Chabre and Jeanne McMenemy explore the age-old question of whether the chicken or the egg came first in A Delicate Balance. The playful bronze balancing act was installed in 2005.

There are many other sculptures scattered around the downtown area. Visit ArtWalla for a public art walking tour and to learn more about the local art scene.

By Brelynn Hess