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Walla Walla in Bloom

It’s been a loooong winter in Walla Walla. And it’s been a very wet spring so far. The color is coming back to our valley, slowly but surely. There’s so much beauty to take in. Sometimes, we overlook the small things, but some of those can be the most magical.

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Finding Delight in the Familiar

Bennington Lake is one of my most frequently traveled places in Walla Walla. I have witnessed it’s trails in snow, rain, dust, and spring glory. I’ve birthed countless sunburns here and incubated hundreds of freckles. But most of all, I have delighted again and again in the changing seasons of this familiar place.

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Walla Walla's Murals

The streets of Walla Walla are a public art exhibit. In the downtown area, the sidewalks are lined with sculptures while the walls are lined with murals. Explore the side streets and alleys and you’re sure to find some street art.

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