Most Instagrammable Spots in Walla Walla (Part 2)

We’ve got the most charming downtown area, a plethora of beautiful parks, great shopping spots, and beautiful public artwork. It’s easy to find some great spots to stop and snap a few photos, but what are the best spots in town? We’ve already shared some ideas in a previous article -- the Chevron Wall, Kontos Cellars, Bright’s Candies, etc. But hold on to your hat, because there are many more.

1. Rooks Park

Rooks Park boasts walking trails that lead to beautiful views of the valley and to Bennington Lake, woodsy areas, a long bridge over Mill Creek and much more. There are plenty of spots to take a cool photo or two here.

Photo:  @mochalatteluna  || Models: Lydia M. and Marri B.

Photo: @mochalatteluna || Models: Lydia M. and Marri B.

2. Whitman College

Whether you’re snapping a picture in one of Whitman’s beautiful gardens or next to the artwork, you’re sure to get a killer photo. (Pro Tip: After you’re done taking pictures, just walk around and take it all in. It’s a breathtaking campus!)

Photo:  @mochalatteluna  || Model: Taylor H.

Photo: @mochalatteluna || Model: Taylor H.

3. Fort Walla Walla

Take a peaceful walk at Fort Walla Walla and snap some shots in the trees or creek along the way. There’s also a large adult seesaw if you can find it!

Photo:  @mochalatteluna  || Model: Amiee B.

Photo: @mochalatteluna || Model: Amiee B.

4. Blue Mountains

We love the Blue Mountains at any time of year. From summer sunsets turning the mountains a pinkish-hue to the snowy winters that somehow make the mountains look massive, the Blues make for a great photo-op.

Photo:  @mochalatteluna  || Model: Ruth M.

Photo: @mochalatteluna || Model: Ruth M.

5. “Ivy” Wall

At the intersection of S Colville Street and E Alder Street in Downtown Walla Walla, you can’t miss Holly’s Flower Boutique. Unlike other spots downtown, this wall is covered in green. Just take a look.

Photo:  @mochalatteluna  || Model: Olivia P.

Photo: @mochalatteluna || Model: Olivia P.

6. Hot Poop

Go retro and snap a picture or two in Walla Walla’s coolest, most eccentric shop. Just be sure to ask the owners first!

Photo:  @mochalatteluna  || Model: Katie

Photo: @mochalatteluna || Model: Katie

7. Inland Octopus 

If you like cool murals, check out the rainbow/octopus mural behind Inland Octopus!

8. Alley/Mural on 2nd Ave

Just behind the Quinn Building there is a small alleyway and large colorful mural that boasts Walla Walla’s best. Find it if you can!

Photo:  @mochalatteluna  || Model: Allie M.

Photo: @mochalatteluna || Model: Allie M.

Photo:  @mochalatteluna  || Models: Lydia M. and Mariah F. || Clothing:  Shop Discover Walla Walla

Photo: @mochalatteluna || Models: Lydia M. and Mariah F. || Clothing: Shop Discover Walla Walla

9. Whitman Mission

This historical spot off Old Highway 12 is a beautiful spot for snapping some great sunset photos.

Photo:  @mochalatteluna  || Model: Arella D.

Photo: @mochalatteluna || Model: Arella D.

10. And really ….any sunset ever

Walla Walla has the BEST sunsets -- anyone can tell you that. So whether you are downtown, in a park, at a winery, or up in the mountains, a sunset photo will always be a good idea.

Photo:  @mochalatteluna  || Model: Caite B.

Photo: @mochalatteluna || Model: Caite B.

These are still just some of many spots to snap photos around town. Be on the lookout for more idea articles! And as always, be sure to use #discoverwallawalla on Instagram when you shoot at your favorite Walla Walla spots! Cheers!

- Lindsey Luna \\ @mochalatteluna